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Global Russian Online School

Everyone who sets a goal to learn a foreign language thinks what language school to choose? There are many schools in Russia and abroad that teach Russian as a foreign language. Why choose us?
GROSchool is run by Tomsk Polytechnic University

One of the best universities in Russia and ranked third in terms of number of international students. We are ready to provide you with a unique learning experience in RFL, with our experience in teaching dating back to 2002.

Experienced teachers

Our staff has wide experience in working with international students. Our teachers use their own methods of training and are authors of different manuals and methodological developments in RFL.

Convenient format

We offer you online classes with a teacher in real time. You can study in a group or individually. Our teachers use modern teaching tools to make the lessons as productive as possible.

Up-to-date programs and courses

We know what is interesting for beginners learning Russian, and for those who want to improve their level. You can choose the course in accordance with your personal needs. You will not only learn Russian, but also get to know the culture and life in Russia.

Module course system

We have developed programs in such a way that you can improve your skills gradually, learning the Russian language step by step. Each course consists of several modules (from 8 to 36 hours). You can study the modules sequentially, or you can choose the ones you need.

Availability of courses

We teach RFL all year round. Classes are held 3-4 times a week. We schedule the classes depending on the capabilities of the students.

Open for everyone

We work with students of all ages and levels of Russian. You will find a warm and friendly atmosphere, as well as an individual approach to the lessons.


Upon completion of the training all students receive an official document - a Certificate of Course Completion.

How does it work?

Choose a module
and submit an application
Select a module, submit a request, and then wait for us to contact you.
Send information
about yourself
We will need your data to issue a study contract and the certificate of the course completion. We guarantee security of your personal data. The information will not be shared with third parties.
Sign a contract
of study
Sign the contract, which will be sent to you by email, scan it and send us the scanned copy
Pay for
the course
After signing the contract, you will be sent the details of how to pay. Payment is made online.
the course
You will receive all the necessary information about the start of the course, the schedule and links to classes to the email address specified during registration.


What is an academic hour?

The academic hour is 45 minutes. The duration of the modules is indicated in academic hours.

Can I choose a few modules at a time?

Yes, you can study a number of modules at the same time, as classes will take place at different times. If you pay for more than 3 modules, you will be given a discount.

Do I have to go through all the modules from the beginning to the end of the course?

If you are starting a new level of the language, it is better to go through the modules in the order provided. If you have mastered the language level before, but you feel that some topics should be repeated, you can choose the appropriate modules and improve your knowledge.

Do all the classes at your school take place in real time? Can I get a recording of the lessons?

We offer several options for "training packages". If you have selected the Base package, only online classes will be available to you. In the Extended package and Premium package, recordings of lessons, as well as other materials, including tutorials, are available.

What document will I receive after completing the training?

We issue a certificate that specifies the modules you have been trained in and the number of hours.

Any further questions? E-mail us info@groschool.com